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  • Multicultural Hair Care
    for Curly Hair
    Gentle Care for Mixed Hair
  • Multicultural Hair Care
    for Curly Hair
    Gentle Care for Mixed Hair
  • Because your curls
    deserve personalized care
    Other companies have a one size fits all mentality!
    Mixtina is a company that recognizes the individuality of the curl.
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Mixtina - Gentle Care for Mixed Hair

Mixed hair, biracial hair, multicultural hair -- whatever term you like to use, you may find that the perfect hair care products are hard to find. That's why we created Mixtina Coily Curl and Wavy Curl shampoos and conditioners: sulfate-free, made with some natural ingredients for curly hair. We'll tell you a secret, too -- our customers find that these products are great for all kinds of curls!

Where it All Began

When my young daughter’s hair began growing in, I realized I was going to need an instruction manual for how to care for it. I am of African American descent, my husband is Greek/Irish and our mixed daughter’s hair was a wonderful amalgamation of both of our heritages. Her beautiful mass of curls became my own personal nightmare after hours of play or the terrors of humidity. Her tender head, like my own, created joyous hours of tears and screaming if I ever tried to comb her hair.  

Popular shampoos, most containing sulfates, left my daughter’s delicate waves limp and stripped of it’s essential oils.Regular conditioners didn’t have any effect and leave-in conditioners were too heavy. Desperate, I turned to the pricey mixed hair care products on the market. I tried them all, and not one of them did for Christina’s hair what it promised to do for her hair type. I did some research and I found that they do address mixed hair types but they also assume that there is only one type of hair in that group. Their assumption is that Curly or Mixed hair or is what I’d term coarse and curly. This was obviously not the case with my child’s hair and looking around at curly haired and multiracial friends, I found the same thing. Their heads and curls didn’t always fit the stereotype.
This diversity in curly hair didn’t seem to be addressed in the products on the market. Finding myself at square one, I decided to create my own products specifically formulated for different curly hair types. The Wavy Curl Shampoo and Conditioner have changed my daughter’s hair, bringing out the very best in her curls. The Coily Curl products work well for me which is something I didn't expect! Sometimes on a journey you get more than you ever hoped for. I certainly have with Mixtina.

We are for the individuality of the curl and are sure you can get your curl needs met at Mixtina.

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