Do You Have Biracial Hair?

A professional hair care expert can identify hair types in many different ways given the way they vary in qualities, texture, color, etc. But perhaps to most of other people, hair description is simply straight, wavy or curly. Then you hear the term biracial hair and you go, “Bira…what? Is it really a type of hair?”

The society has many mixed-race relationships and while the hair type may sound new to you, it simply means a hair texture resulting from such unions, and often, it is curly. Still, even with biracial hair, there are different qualities - some are very kinky, some are not so coily, some are just in between.

Curls differ even among relatives that's why when you say that the hair is biracial in nature, it cannot be anything specific. That said, you might wonder if it is hard to take care of such hair type. First, you have to know what to expect from having biracial hair. Remember, even those with regular hair are confused about the right hair care product because the choices are endless. Sometimes, those with thick hair wished they had thin hair, those with straight hair wished it was curly and would use all sorts of chemicals on their hair in the hope of achieving the locks they want.

What we often encounter though with this particular type of mane is the lack of luster. If it’s any comfort, even most people with black hair complain about the same thing. We ask: Is hair only healthy when it shines and it is smooth? Not necessarily so. Nevertheless, sheen and smoothness add attraction, no doubt. But before you rush to do more than what your hair can handle just to give it appeal, the right perception of what healthy biracial hair has to be taken into consideration.

Because we understand that your hair is your crowning glory, let us assure you that the right product for your biracial hair is available. And with the right style, that hair can become a head-turner, no less!