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Keeping the Curls

This is likely why famous star Halle Berry raised some issues – she wants to keep her daughter’s curls the way they are. And who can blame her? Curls are beautiful! But it seems the father, Halle’s ex-husband, Gabriel Aubry, wants some changes in Nahla’s biracial hair.   

How Much Do You Appreciate Your Hairstylist?

When you step inside a beauty salon, do you feel like you are in good hands, believing they’ll help bring out the best in your natural hair? Is that immediate or is that after sometime and you already have established a good customer-stylist relationship? If you trust your hairstylist enough that when it comes to doing your locks it has to be this particular person/shop or nothing at all, then that is good.

You’ve Got Curls? Love ‘Em!

Can you imagine females with very curly hair using all sorts of treatments trying very hard to straighten their locks just to get a shot at fame and fortune that Hollywood promises? Before you furrow those brows, please know that that was a long time ago. Many thanks to past and present celebrities who sported their natural curls the way they should go and still made it big in the limelight. Today’s women can wear their waves and curls the way they want and still make a big name for themselves.

Do you have mixed hair?

Do you have mixed hair?

If you have mixed race hair, you probably already know that there are different ways to care for it, style it and do things with it. That is because the curl patterns and texture are often unique to each individual that one has to find what’s best for it in terms of styling and care. What works for one may not work for the other. It also does not always mean because of black and white heritage but it could be dependent on what the mixes are, the environment and other contributing elements. The good news is that when properly taken care of, it can be soft as silk and beautiful without the use of harsh chemicals on it.

One Box No Longer Fits All

From the moment we are born society has been attempting to separate us by fitting us into boxes. We are divided into personality types, introverted and extroverted, and boxed into certain stereotypes according to skin color and race. Although we live in a country that tells us we should ‘check the box that applies’, we are also living in a country where the largest growing group can no longer correctly identify themselves without checking 2 or more boxes. We’ve all filled out forms which ask us to check the box to state our race: Caucasian, African American/Black, Asian or Latino, and then there is that one box all the oddities fit into, the “other” checkbox.

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