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Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

How often have your heard the phrase"you are what you eat"?  This is true in many ways even when it comes to your hair.  To have beautiful hair, you must eat right.

From straight to Frizzy

From Straight to Frizzy, Flyaway and Curly

Did you have straight hair when you were a small girl? Did it change as you grew older and now it only seems to be cooperating when it’s newly washed and still wet? 

Need help with mixed racial hair control?

Need Help with Mixed Racial Hair Control?

If your parents are of mixed ethnic background, chances are you have some concerns about your mixed racial hair. Is it thick and curly? Likely it’s a yes. Are you having difficulty controlling the frizz that is often associated with such hair? Likely that is another yes. Fret not because first of all, there are hair products meant just for the kind of hair that you have. Below are some tips that can help you take care of it.

Want to know hair tips that really work?

Want to Know Hair Tips and Tricks That Really Work?

No need to hop from site to site anymore because you just stumbled on the right page for that info. Hair is what Mixtina does best and we would like to share with you hair tips and tricks that we have learned from experience to really work.

The Sulfate Question

Why You Should Say No To Sulfate Shampoo

Do you or someone you know suffer from scalp irritation, alarming hair loss and other similar issues? Have you tried coloring your hair, spending hard-earned money only to see the color fade so fast? The cause could be sulfate, the component that is almost always present in many products not only in shampoos and conditioners. You could have been using it for the longest time, not knowing its ill effects.

But you might ask: If sulfate is supposed to take the grease out of your hair and help your shampoo lather like your hair is a piece of cloud when you use it, then there should be no issue, yes? Don’t we experience a more squeaky clean hair after a bath using hair cleaners that bubble generously?

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