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Lack of Diversity in Hollywood

While the mission of Mixtina is to provide hair products for mixed hair, we are also passionate about being uniquely yourself! If you live in the United States you know it’s a diverse country with people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. Americans have blended to form their own unique mix of cultures, races and ethnicities, but the lack of diversity in media astonishing. 

Healthy Environment Healthy Hair

We all know keeping our bodies and our hair healthy is important. In addition to using natural products formulated for your curly hair type there are other things which contribute to your hair health. Did you know your environment influences how healthy you hair is? If you frequently experience frizzy hair, split ends and unmanageable curls, look for internal and external stressors which contribute to unhealthy hair.

5 Ways to Thwart Hair Loss Before it Starts

One of the signs of getting older is, unfortunately, a thinning hair of head. While there are several things that contribute to hair loss, including genetics, medical conditions, excessive heat or continually wearing your hair in a tight style (such as cornrows) there are several things you can do to prevent hair loss before it starts. We all know that too much heat and exposure to chemicals can damage your hair, but did you know your eating habits can also affect hair growth? 

3 Tips for your Best Curly Hair Blowout

Remember that wonderful feeling you have after going to the hair salon? Your curls are perfect with just the right amount of bounce and shine. You’re having the best hair day of your life, at least until the next shampoo. Although it would be idea to go to the hair salon each time you want a perfect hair day, those visits can add up fast. Use these three tips to re-create that perfect hair day salon feel. 

Prevent Hair Damage with Natural Shampoo Ingredients for your Kid’s Hair

When looking for the best shampoo for your kid’s hair, you want to ensure the ingredients don’t contain harmful chemicals which will damage curly hair. While it is important to pick out all natural shampoo's and conditioners free of sulfates and parabens, you should also educate yourself on ingredients which are beneficially for your child’s curly hair.

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