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8 Ways to Win the Fight Against Humidity

Humid climates can be tough on curly or wavy hair. Ever walked outside and felt your hair immediately curl up or revert back to an afro? Should you even try wearing straight hair or letting your curls fly free this summer? Don't sweat it; here are some tips on enjoying great hair without the worry!

Have you Discovered your Curl Identity?

Yes, your curls do have a pattern to them. Have YOU discovered your CURL IDENTITY. 

Are you familiar with the different types of curls and what works best for them? Not to fear, Mixtina has done the research for you and has the right MIX for your hair. Mixtina products are designed to meet the unique needs of different curl patterns. Here's what you need to know in order to find the right MIX for your curls!

Enjoy Great Hair without the Chemicals

As you may have noticed, going natural is all the rage. From organic foods to all natural beauty products, the move away from artificial products to authenticity is now trending. If you think about it, chemicals in products are actually damaging to our bodies and our general health and wellness. Here’s the breakdown of chemicals to avoid to keep you in good health.

One Box No Longer Fits All

From the moment we are born society has been attempting to separate us by fitting us into boxes. We are divided into personality types, introverted and extroverted, and boxed into certain stereotypes according to skin color and race. Although we live in a country that tells us we should ‘check the box that applies’, we are also living in a country where the largest growing group can no longer correctly identify themselves without checking 2 or more boxes. We’ve all filled out forms which ask us to check the box to state our race: Caucasian, African American/Black, Asian or Latino, and then there is that one box all the oddities fit into, the “other” checkbox.

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