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Coily Curl Conditioner  ***FREE SHIPPING ON $20 OR MORE***

Coily Curl Conditioner ***FREE SHIPPING ON $20 OR MORE***


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SKU: B13-130A

Mixtina’s Coily Curl Conditioner, made with AVOCADO and JOJOBA OILS, is a natural curl-defining conditioner designed for hair with dense texture and tight or springy curls. Our testers love it for natural black hair, mixt hair, Mediterranean curls, natural Latina curls,  no matter what the wonderful story is behind your coily curly hair, Coily Curly Conditioner will make your hair beautiful!

Coily Curl Conditioner can be used as a leave-in conditioner or a rinse-out conditioner, depending how rich a moisturizing experience you prefer. Use it with our Coily Curl Shampoo for a luxurious experience and beautiful hair.

Like all our hair care products, Coily Curl Shampoo is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and made in America. 



We aren’t a giant corporation spending gazillions on commercials with supermodels waving their hair in slow motion.
So, let’s get real. This is a highly effective conditioner, made right here in America. It costs more to make because it has expensive, natural and organic ingredients like chinensis seed oil and avocado oil. We know it's worth the price to use these natural ingredients, because our Coily Curl Conditioner leaves coily curly hair soft, tangle-free, lustrous, and beautiful.
It isn’t for everyone. This shampoo is specifically made for mixed hair with tighter curls. Our process is to work with human testers -- our friends and family, plus other curly girls who were willing to help us in our research by trying our natural hair care products for their hair and their children's hair. We tried this specially formulated shampoo with mixed girls, Mediterranean girls, women with natural black hair, and others -- everyone with those wonderful coily curls!

We made it natural, with zero sulfates and natural, luxurious ingredients, and we decided we had the perfect formula when we saw a difference. It really does work when you use it as a leave-in or wash it out. Your hair really will feel softer with more curl definition. I know it’s true because many of my friends and family use it.

We love it, and we know you will too!


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