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What makes curly hair curly?

Pedro Reis, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at MIT, is bald, However, he has been studying the physics of curly hair. It's all about the length, the curve, and the stiffness. Scientists already knew that the shape of your curls depends on the shape of your hair follicles and that hair twists as it grows. Straight hair doesn't twist much. Curly hair can twist a lot of times, making Coily curls, or not so many times, making Wavy curls.

Curly hair can be thick or thin, coarse or fine, and it comes in all kinds of colors.

But curly hair, for all its variety, has some special characteristics. The twists and turns of curly hair keep the natural oils from your scalp from spreading along its length, so curly hair is more likely to be dry and damaged. Hairstylists often suggest shampooing less often, but we thought it would be better to create a shampoo that works well for curly hair. By using natural botanical oils instead of sulfates, Mixtina shampoos give you clean, healthy hair without drying or damaging your curls.

Mixtina conditioners are lightweight but super softening. They won't drag down your curls, but they will keep them soft and bouncy -- not frizzy.

Natural curly hair is special, and it needs special care. Mixtina products provide that care.