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Multicultural Hair Care

More than 9 million Americans identify themselves as biracial, mixed race, or multicultural. Often, diverse families have special issues with hair. Whether your heritage is Italian, Puerto Rican, African American, Jewish, Greek, Mexican, Polynesian, or some wonderful combination, chances are good that the hair products Mom and Dad grew up with won't be ideal for the children in the family.

For our daughter, my African American hair products weighed down her fine-textured hair, but her dad's products stripped away the oils and left her hair fragile and frizzy. Sound familiar?

Mixtina products are just right for kids, men, and women with Coily Curls or Wavy Curls.They contain no harsh sulfates and no artificial lathering agents or fragrances, so they're gentle enough for kids and have a light, fresh natural scent. Your hair will be tangle-free and silky soft.

Here are some more tips on multicultural hair care:

  • * Avoid brushing your curly hair. With Mixtina products, you won't have to deal with tangles or breakage, and you can just finger-comb your hair.
  • * Don't work against your curls -- celebrate them! Mixtina products give curls definition.
  • * Use conditioner regularly to moisturize hair.
  • * Think twice about using leave-in oils in biracial hair. You can easily weigh down your hair.
  • * After shampooing, allow hair to dry naturally before styling. 

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